Clothing with a Conscience

Its no secret that we all adore Miou Kids here at Amelia Hambrook Photography, but not only for their gorgeous soft knits and beautiful style, or the company’s lovely designer/owner Christine. But did you know Miou is a fair-trade company with a conscience? IMG_0043.jpg

A recent statement from Miou made me want to share and help this beautiful family and cause:
“Part of the responsibility that comes with operating a fair-trade business is ensuring, firsthand, that our knitters are benefitting from working for us. On Christine’s (Miou’s owner) recent trip to Peru she was struck and saddened by the challenges some of the women who work for her were enduring in their personal lives, in particular LOLA QUISPE, who is raising her daughters alone in a one-room shack that has flimsy walls protected with a tarp and a dirt floor that creates dust everywhere. It was immediately clear to Christine when she visited their home that Lola and her children need a safer, cleaner place to live. We will be donating 100% of profits from the Cotton Overall (hand-knitted by Lola) towards a new house for her and her children. Thank you for your continued support”


IMG_0181.jpgIMG_0087.jpgIMG_0468.jpgIMG_0135.jpgIMG_0206.jpgIMG_0165.jpgTo support Lola and her girls to own a home, please head over to to order your gorgeous romper in any of these beautiful colours hand made with love by Lola. Feel free to share this or miou’s post about lola, or contact Christine directly if you’d like to make a donation –…/cott…/products/cotton-overall-blue…/co…/products/cotton-overalls-cream…/…/products/cotton-overalls-seafoam…/cott…/products/cotton-overall-teal  

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