India in June

When I think back to this day, I feel so much sadness that I can never get it back. She was so little, so sweet and still only 3. How could I have expected so much from this baby that she was? Just because she speaks like an adult, is so wise, understanding and cleaver and usually behaves so well. So when her inner three came out with crying over silly things or refusing to do something she did not want to even when we were over tired and struggling to manage Felix who was not well, we were so confused and quick with her “why are you behaving like this” “stop crying” when the answer is – because she is THREE not twelve. Only looking back do I see how small and young she is. Everyday I try so hard to remind myself how old she really is and that the little things that worry or upset her are as important as any big issue. I made a promise to myself to be more compassionate, take more time and be more gentle with her. She is a gentle soul who worries so much about little things. My beautiful flower fairy child. IMG_7157

2 comments on “India in June

  1. OMG… When I read the description of your little India at 3… It seems to be the same here… My little girl is 3… and so brilliant, so I don’t understand when she does not act like a “big” person somedays… You’re so true… I need to understand her much more ! and be comprehensive… As you said, she’s only 3 by-the-way !

  2. So happy to see you blogging again, and this post has struck a big chord with me. My son is five and lately I have found myself expecting too much from him, and being impatient when he doesn’t deliver. I need to remember he is only little still and to be patient and give him love.

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