All about Felix: at 24 months.


If I had to sum this boy up in 3 words, they would be:

1. Lunatic
2. Joyful
3. Lovable 


examples (in photo of course.)

I never knew that so much happiness and excitement came with having a little boy. He is so amazingly athletic, naturally holds and swings a bat, throws a ball and master anything physical. His love for all things with wheels was apparent from about 4 months old. At the moment motorbikes are the main obsession and we are often stuck for hours watching youtube videos of Chris Pfeiffer showing off his skills.

He is not a big eater, but he is strong. He is becoming a man of many words (finally) It is so wonderful to hear and know they way his mind thinks. I think he will wean from nursing soon, how soon… who knows. He easily came out of diapers with the 3 day potty training technique and has been dry every night from day one.

Felix, you are beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, crazy and I dont think I will ever want to stop rocking you to sleep each night.

2 comments on “All about Felix: at 24 months.

    • Cass, Charlie reminds me of Felix too…. they are like the blond and brown little ragamuffin versions of each other. When you love one, you cant help but love the other.

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