Project 1 – Little Volcanos

I have set a new goal to do 2/3 new projects each week with my girl while Felix naps. I will also try my best to document it.
Here is a movie documenting her first experiment with Baking Soda and Vinegar. She was so excited. This morning the first thing she asked for was to make more “erupting volcanos”.

4 comments on “Project 1 – Little Volcanos

  1. So sweet! But, ok, a silly question: in some of the shots, I can see both of your hands… so who’s holding the camera? Do you have it sellotaped to you head?! Go on, admit it: you stuck the camera to your head didn’t you?

    • Funny Cass…. you should know no amount of tape would keep a DSLR on my head 🙂 Amusingly though, I did balance my camera in a decorative tree that sits on my table. It worked quite well. For some I just sat it on the table and then some more was shot by my husband.

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