30/366 BEHIND

can you believe I am 14 days behind posting my 366, ugh! Its just another thing that weighs down on my mind and the further I get, the more impossible it seems. Im not sure I have a good organizing system for my files. I tried to file the two children separately and categorize it by month, but it is NOT working for me this way.
How you do organize your 366 files?

So here we are, behind on day 30…. hehe

6 comments on “30/366 BEHIND

  1. Aww bless that little bum! So cute!

    I have a slightly easier prospect as I only attempt one picture a day, and so far, I’ve edited and uploaded as soon as my boy has gone to bed. So my file organisation is just number of days in 001.jpg format saved at full res and then web sized in seperate folders. Am loving your series though, and really hope that it doesn’t get too on top of you 🙂

  2. keep going, mama. your work is so lovely! (it’ll be worth the work in the end, I promise.)

    I’ve done two 365 projects (not at the same time) and organized the way Vicky, above, did. one folder, renamed files for the respective day as 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc.


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