This discount canvas arrived today… I couldn’t decide what to put on it and this is the only photo i have of the two of them together where they are both mildly pleasant looking. When we opened it, India gasped and took hold of it and said ‘oh, mummy, its gorgeous! its SOOOO gorgeous’ Then made me take her photo with it. 

Felix today…well what can i say. The boy throws a good baby tantrum. When something happens he doesn’t like, or you have to tell him ‘no’ he gives this long blink lasting 4-10 seconds, sometimes he will do it 3-4 times in a row. When he does it, he pulls back his head like he is completely disgusted and wiping the thought from his memory. We find it SO funny.
So no, this is not a good photo, but it is a moment i want to remember, so there.

2 comments on “24/366

  1. Bwahaha! Oh this made me laugh so hard. Charlie gives us the tantrums too. But they are always proceeded by a look that says “how dare you? How dare you tell me no. I am your sweet baby. You do not say no to your sweet baby!”.

  2. I absolutely love that photo of Felix, with your description I could picture exactly what you were talking about. So funny and sweet!
    Little ones just feel so deeply and aren’t shy about sharing their feelings, which is very healthy and smart of them.

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