This morning was ballet. Felix slept until 10:15 am! we played with cousins, napped, went to a local play area. But for some reason, my favorite images always come from the evening when the light is not so clear.
Here is Mr. Felix nursing before bed and coming off to say “ahhhhhhhh BOOBIE” he says this EVERY time he nurses.

And India with her current loves of the week… Flu swine Pig (which ironically I brought her the morning before we took her to the Dr only to find out she had swine flu) and cuddle teddy. 

3 comments on “11/366

  1. Oh wow. I am in LOVE with your blog. Your babes are adorable and your photo’s are gorgeous. So so sweet! Haha Milla loves to express her love of boobies too, always saying before a feed “Ooooh BOOBAH!!!” Can’t wait to see the rest of your year!

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