So I made it the first 10 days… not sure I would have without my lovely husband reminding me ‘did you take your photo of the day yet?’
Today we met some friends at the park. Felix was very tired but enjoying outside and his cousin’s company, India was delightful playing with her little friend.

A little SOOC action with this shot to show a medium shade of blue on Felix’s lips. This was a very mild episode for him… they get a lot darker, his face will turn grey/blue and his hands and feet will also. We got a pulse oxometer
today to measure his oxygen levels when he does this since we never seem to catch it at the Dr’s.

…PS, it was not cold outside at the park today… he was wrapped up a TONNE more than all of us just in case, and when he goes blue at home, he is as warm as can be in our heated house!

Then there is this girl… practicing her skills. 


4 comments on “10/366

  1. we have NO idea…. He doesnt fit the description for children that have conditions serious enough to cause cyanosis this frequently. His heart tests were fine, off to the pulmonoligist Thursday.

  2. Poor Felix! At least he seems ok in himself, hope that it turns out to be something very un-serious!

    Loving your 365+1 so far. Hope your husband keeps reminding you to take the pictures 🙂

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