Just a happy calm day of make believe for miss India. She spent most of the day singing to these pink roses (she chose at the shops)

Felix took us off to the pediatrician once again for blue lips, hands, and feet. We still have no idea what would be causing this, he is warm and happy while it happens… mostly when he is very active or concentrating. Sometimes when he wakes from a sleep. Really weird.
I was a little late getting photos of the day done and had just a few minutes before bed time. So glad I had waited though, since I was able to capture these moments with his favorite baby (India’s newest doll she named India baby and really could care less about it). It is as big as he is, and he drags this thing around everywhere. He loves ‘India baby’ so much that he must sleep with her each nap time. Here he was waddling around in his sleeping bag loving on the baby, lips as pink as could be.

6 comments on “3/366

  1. Oh my goodness! What fabulous pictures! The picture of your snow white with the flowers is beyond gorgeous. Makes me think I should rethink taking all of my documenting delight pictures with only my iPhone! Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Erin and I have been talking about how Claire and Charlie both love their dolls. And Felix too! It’s just the most wonderful thing ever, the nurturing instinct in these little beings.

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