Day One

Both babies slept in quite late this morning…. lucky us 🙂

So despite the beautiful weather outside we lazily ate breakfast and took our time getting ready for the day. I did plan on having a shot with Felix for day one, and to find something fun to do with India. However while struggling to hold up my 23lb 15month old, shoving rasins in his mouth, and my husband fighting with the focus on my camera, India ran up and said “mummy, is it my turn now for photos” and as any photographer with little ones knows, you NEVER turn down a request from your toddler to take a photo of them : )

so here it is, Day One… with my babies

11 comments on “Day One

  1. thanks all, they are my little darlings… I am so lucky to have such kind gentle babeis. hippyhappymama: he was born september 10th 2010

    • Ahhh, Blake was born October 12th and I realised after I wrote my comment that he is not 15 months until next week! Which is great because it means I get to enjoy this beautiful toddler stage for longer 😉

  2. That is so weird: when Felix was born, it seemed like it was so long after Charlie but it was less than a month! I thought it was more like 6 months! That just proves that time slows down when you have a newborn and are not sleeping.

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